Self management programme

The self management programme (SMP) is a seven week course for people who live with Type 2 diabetes.

It is facilitated by two trained tutors, a healthcare professional and a lay tutor who lives with this long-term condition.

The self management programme helps people to:
  • Gain new skills and knowledge (e.g. managing pain and fatigue, goal-setting, pacing themselves)
  • Increase their confidence to manage their condition better (through action planning and problem-solving as a group)
  • Find new ways to reduce the effects their condition has on their life (through sharing experiences and tips with each other, and seeing others like themselves managing well)

With the help and support of this programme participants will feel more confident to work with their healthcare professionals to achieve their personal goals and ambitions. The programme is designed to give you a taster of a variety of self management strategies so that you can take away and practice the ones that you feel are most helpful.

Who can take part?
The diabetes self management programme is free of charge and open to anyone living in Islington who has had Type II diabetes for longer than a year.

Course dates
17 September - 29 October 2015
Every Thursday
Bingfield Primary Care Centre, 8 Bingfield Street, London N1 0AL