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Diabetes Antenatal Services

We have a weekly diabetic pregnancy clinic which is run jointly with the diabetes consultant, diabetes specialist nurse, consultant obstetrician, dietician and the lead midwife for diabetes.

In this clinic we see women with diabetes before their pregnancy and those who develop diabetes during their pregnancy. The aim of the clinic is to provide high quality, individualised care for women with diabetes.

The lead midwife in diabetes also has midwife led clinics on Monday to Friday to see women in between the doctors appointments.

We also run group sessions four times a year for women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes to discuss and prepare for a pregnancy. Individual appointments are also available at the end of the joint clinic on a Monday for a more individualised discussion.

We encourage self referral and want to see women with pre existing diabetes before you become pregnant and early in pregnancy. This is because good diabetic control is so important at this stage. This can be done directly by telephone 020 7288 3531 or via the website or by e-mail Julie.Logue@nhs.net

For more information about diabetes during pregnancy, click on the following link: