Stopping smoking

Islington Stop Smoking Service
Anyone who lives, works or studies in Islington, or who receives treatment from the Whittington Hospital can use local services to stop smoking. Islington stop smoking service is supporting smokers to quit using the most up-to-date, evidenced based treatments, such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy and Champix, as well as a programme of behavioural support.
To enquire about the services available in Islington contact 0800 093 9030.
Whittington Hospital Clinic
Our specialist advisors offer one-to-one advice and support by appointment at the Whittington Hospital, for in-patients, out-patients and staff. We also provide information on the risks of smoking to all inpatients, surgical and antenatal patients who smoke, with referral to the outpatient stop smoking clinic prior to surgery where possible. Nicotine Replacement Therapy is available to all in-patients.

Patients who are interested in attending should contact Smokefree Islington 
Phone: 0800 0939030 or 020 3316 1043

Staff Clinic
We offer a friendly, supportive stop smoking clinic to all Whittington Health staff. Staff are invited to drop in or book an appointment.

Community services
Stop smoking services are also available in:
• Specialist clinics in the community at various locations. For up-to-date information please go to the Smokefree Islington website.
• General Practice: Most GP surgeries in Islington have a trained stop smoking advisor who can treat patients registered at their Practice. For an appointment telephone your practice.
• Pharmacy: Many of the pharmacies in Islington have a trained stop smoking advisor. For an appointment call into your local pharmacy. A list of participating pharmacies is available on our website
• Stop smoking medications (e.g. Nicotine Replacement Therapy or Champix) are available through participating Islington pharmacies.
Why quit with us?

• Getting support from a stop smoking advisor doubles your chances of quitting.
• Getting support and supervised use of stop smoking medication increases your chances of quitting by four times.
• We offer a friendly, supportive and non-judgmental service.
• Our advisors offer a weekly programme of support for up to eight weeks.
• There are many ways/ locations to access our treatment programme so there is no need to wait to see an advisor.
• Stop smoking medications are available at the cost of a prescription or free if you don’t pay for NHS prescriptions.
• One in two people coming to our service are successful in stopping smoking.

Information for referrers

One of the most effective ways to motivate and help smokers quit is to offer them very brief advice and a referral to the NHS stop smoking service.
The Islington stop smoking service welcomes referrals from professionals working with smokers who live, work or study in Islington, or who receive treatment from the Whittington Hospital. When a patient is referred into the service they are offered a range of options to access our stop smoking treatment programme, at the place and time most convenient to them.
Whittington Hospital staff who wish to refer to the service can use Anglia ICE or call 0207 288 5236.
For all other referrals, you can download our referral form to refer smokers who are interested in quitting, and would like to be contacted by our service for further help and support.
Training is available for professionals to support smokers with very brief advice and by referring them to the service. For more information, click here.

Contact details
Freephone: 0800 093 9030

For stop smoking services in Haringey contact 0800 722 0066 or 020 8166 5690
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