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Why choose the Whittington?

The Whittington Maternity department offers a comprehensive maternity service in both the hospital and the local community. The maternity department has antenatal and postnatal beds, a neonatal unit, a delivery suite, dedicated obstetric theatre and observation area. The department has a midwifery led birthing suite, which was opened in 2009.
We believe that good maternity care is based on the partnership between a woman, her partner, the midwifery team and where necessary, a specialist doctor (obstetrician). Our aim is to promote the health, safety and comfort of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. At the Whittington, midwives will care for you throughout your pregnancy, referring to medical colleagues and other health professionals as appropriate.
We aim to support you and your partner in all decisions regarding where and how you prefer to deliver your baby. Depending on your pregnancy and individual wishes, you can choose to deliver at home or in our delivery suite.