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Your pregnancy at the Whittington

Antenatal/Postnatal Schedule for 'healthy women' (NICE Guidance 2008)
Time Who What
6-8 weeks GP or fill on-line form on website Referral form sent to hospital
6-10 weeks Midwife Meet Midwife, complete questionnaire, discuss screening, diet & lifestyle, booking bloods taken
11-13 weeks Hospital clinic Scan & screening bloods
16 weeks Midwife
Discuss screening & blood results.
Antenatal check
Quad. Test if required
20 weeks Hospital Scan - general check of your baby's development
24 weeks
1st baby
GP / Midwife Antenatal check & assess scan results
28 weeks Midwife
Antenatal check, bloods for iron levels, antibodies, glucose tolerance test may be booked.
Anti D injection given if necessary
32 weeks
1st baby

GP / Midwife

Antenatal check & review blood results
34 weeks Midwife Antenatal check & bloods taken for full blood count
36 weeks GP / Midwife Antenatal check & review blood results
38 weeks Midwife Antenatal check
40 weeks
1st baby
Midwife Antenatal check
41 weeks Midwife
Antenatal check
All who have not delivered
After birth
First day home
Discuss progress & future visits
Day 3 Midwife Phone call or visit
Day 5 Midwife Home - weigh & screening test for baby
Day 10 Midwife
Home or postnatal clinic in Children Centre
Discharge from Maternity Service, informed of community facilities

 (This schedule may vary depending on clinical need - a risk assessment needs to be made at every appointment and the plan of care amended accordingly)