Our Journey to Foundation Trust Status

Whittington Health is committed to becoming a foundation trust.

Our focus is on ensuring we deliver highest quality of care and experience for our patients. Critical to this is achieving a standard of compassionate care, focusing on our patientsí and communitiesí needs, which we can sustain and deliver for years to come. It is through delivering this vision that we will reach foundation trust status.
As a foundation trust, we can ultimately improve patient care by building on the way we work with our local community through our members. To date, around 10,000 people have joined as members.

What is a foundation trust?
Foundation trusts are NHS organisations, providing care on the basis of need, which is free at the point of use. They are accountable to their local community, rather than central government, and are governed by local people.

What are the benefits of a foundation trust?
As a foundation trust, we can be more responsive to individual and local healthcare needs. We will be more accountable to patients, service users, local people and staff thanks to new governance arrangements. Whittington Health will have greater financial freedom, and with the help of our elected governors can decide how best to spend our money to meet the needs of our patients, service users and local people.
Working on it!