Enhanced recovery (after caesarean section)

Our enhanced recovery programme enables women who have had an uncomplicated caesarean section delivery to play an active role in their recovery and return home to their families sooner. The aim is for women to return home the day following surgery, compared to the usual 48-hour stay.

We hold a pre-assessment clinic prior to surgery (at around 37 weeks) where women are given information on preparing for caesarean section and how they can participate in their own recovery. This session is run by nurses and midwives and can also include input from anaesthetists.

Women will follow a specific plan of care which focuses on when to eat and drink, and effective pain management.

Our community midwives will visit women at home on the day after discharge from hospital. They will visit as often as needed until women and their babies can be discharged to a health visitor. Once well enough to go out, women may be given the option of seeing a midwife at a postnatal clinic, usually in a children’s centre, or continue being cared for at home.

The number of visits is dependent on a woman’s individual needs. If extra support is needed, for example around breastfeeding or baby care, women may also be visited by one of our maternity support workers.

If women live outside of Whittington Health’s catchment area postnatal care may be provided by midwives based at another local hospital.


Referrals to the maternity enhanced recovery programme are usually made by your obstetrician.


Please speak to your midwife or call 020 7288 3482 
Page last updated: 26 Nov 2014
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