Twin clinic

The news that you are expecting twins can come as a big surprise.

Whilst twin births carry 'double the joy', there is the potential that you may have a more complicated pregnancy.
Recognising the special issues associated with twins, we offer mothers pregnant with twins specialist maternity care. This includes more monitoring and increased contact with healthcare professionals during your pregnancy. As you will see us more frequently during pregnancy, your appointment schedule will be different to the schedule for singleton pregnancies.
Our team work together closely to make sure that your care is coordinated and tailored to the specific needs of your twin pregnancy. Our specialist midwife is also qualified as a sonographer which means you donít need separate appointments for your scans. As our team see a high number of twin pregnancies they are highly skilled and knowledgeable in this type of pregnancy.


Women are referred when twin pregnancy is diagnosed by the sonographer or by the midwife.


The twin clinic is led by a specialist midwife trained as a sonographer and an obstetric consultant. Appointments are available Monday to Friday at flexible times at The Whittington Hospital.

Uncomplicated pregnancy
If your twin pregnancy is uncomplicated (there are no other risks) most of your care will be provided by our specialist midwife and youíll meet the obstetric consultant once to plan your delivery.

Complicated pregnancy
If your twin pregnancy is more complicated your care will be provided by the obstetric consultant and specialist midwife together.

Monochorionic pregnancy
In a small number of twin pregnancies babies share the same placenta and this is known as monochorionic pregnancy. These pregnancies require more intensive monitoring and your care will be led by Miss Elly Tsoi, specialist fetal medicine consultant.

Twin clinic team

Miss Elly Tsoi, consultant in obstetrics and fetal medicine
Kate Milne, specialist twin midwife and sonographer


Maternity Day Unit, Level 5, Kenwood Wing, The Whittington Hospital, Magdala Avenue, London N19 5NF


Kate Milne on 020 7288 3862 or  
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