Solid foods

Introducing your baby to solid foods, sometimes called weaning, should start when your baby is around six months old.

We recommend that you wait until six months because:
  • Breast milk (or formula, if not breastfeeding) provides all the nutrients your baby needs in the first six months
  • Giving anything else will reduce the amount of milk your baby takes, without providing them with the same amount of nutrients
  • It may reduce your supply of breast milk
  • By six months your baby will have developed all of the skills they need to cope well with solid food and will be interested in trying it
  • From six months your baby can try nearly every type of food, whereas before six months there are many foods that arenít suitable including eggs, meat and fish
  • You will not have to go through the puree stage, making it much easier for you 
A range of infant feeding leaflets is available to download from the Islington Council website. Leaflets are available in English, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, French, Somali, Spanish and Turkish.

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