Asthma Friendly Schools

Asthma Friendly Schools

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Our asthma friendly schools project aims to improve care for children and young people aged between five and 18 with asthma in Islington schools. We do this by raising awareness of asthma with school staff and providing information, training and support.
This can help to:
  • Reduce absence from school
  • Improve results at school, as better asthma control helps children sleep well and improves concentration
  • Increase participation in activities
  • Reduce stigma

High rate of asthma in Islington

Asthma is the most common long-term condition in children and young people. Long-term conditions are health conditions that generally last for a year or longer and may impact upon a person’s everyday life. The rate of asthma in Islington is one of the highest in London.

Asthma friendly standards

We have five standards that schools should meet to be asthma friendly.
The five standards are:
  • Asthma policy – all schools should have one
  • Care plans – all children with asthma should have a care plan
  • Training – all school staff must be trained in the care of children with asthma
  • Emergency inhalers – all schools can now hold an emergency inhaler, in addition to children’s own inhalers
  • Register – all schools should be able to easily identify students with asthma by maintaining a register

Top Tips

  • Tell your school and class teacher that you have asthma
  • Use a spacer with your inhaler to make sure you receive the correct dose of your medication
  • Always carry your inhaler and spacer with you
  • Keep a spare inhaler and spacer at school
  • Always treat hay fever – if you don’t it can make your asthma symptoms worse
  • Don’t smoke or go to smoky environments - it will make your asthma worse and damage your lungs

Lead manager

Karen Rodesano
Asthma Friendly School Nurse
Monday to Friday
Last updated17 Jan 2022
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