You Said We Did

July 2018
GP’s told us they want a flier about our website to give to patients, so we are designing one. This will enable more patients to access our website and learn how to help their pain sooner.
Patients and GP’s told us they wanted to be able to access self referral to MSK Physiotherapy more easily so we have designed an online self referral form that is quick and easy to complete. Please see our page ‘how to refer’. 
June 2017
Patients have complained that they are sometimes unable to get through on the telephone or unable to telephone during working hours to reschedule their appointment. We now have a generic email address that patients can contact us to reschedule their appointment. Details of this will also be available on the website.
Patient has reported that they are sometimes having difficulty finding MSK delivery sites. We have added links to googlemaps of each site.
Our patients told us that it was easier to attend their rehabilitation classes at certain times of day, so we changed our class times to help more patients attend.
Our patients told us they wanted more information on how they can get more active and keep active after they complete their physiotherapy so we updated our webpage with this information. Please look under the link to ‘how to get more active’.
Our patients told us they wanted digital ways to do their exercises so we have explored this and patients can now download the Escape pain app and other apps from our website. They can also now watch our self management videos. Soon we hope to have use of a physiotools app that the physiotherapists can programme with the patients personalised exercise programme.
Our patient’s wanted to be kept up to date on what’s happening in our service, so we are in the process of setting up our own twitter account for MSK (musculoskeletal). Until then find Whittington Health NHS on @whitthealth
Working on it!