Smoke Free Organisation

Cigarette stubbed out in ashtray

Whittington Health is a smoke free organisation

Since 4 July 2005 smoking has been banned for patients, clients, visitors and staff anywhere on the hospital site. This means a cleaner and healthier environment for everybody and is in line with government targets to put an end to smoking in hospitals throughout the country.

Smoking-related illness accounts for up to 20 per cent of all recorded deaths. The purpose of the NHS is not only to cure illness but also to promote healthy living. For this reason the Whittington decided to be one of the first hospitals to become smoke-free. To help enforce this, volunteers, working closely with members of the security team, patrol the hospital grounds to make sure people are not smoking.

We run clinics throughout the week, staffed by experienced stop smoking advisors who provide one-to-one advice and support for patients and staff. Nicotine replacement therapy is also provided through our community pharmacy scheme.
Patients who are interested in attending should contact Smokefree Islington:

Phone: 0800 093 9030 or 020 3316 1043
Local stop smoking services can be contacted on the following numbers:

Islington: 0800 093 9030
Haringey: 0800 722 0066 or 020 8166 5690

We also provide information on the risks of smoking to all inpatients, surgical and antenatal patients who smoke, with referral to the outpatient quit smoking clinic prior to surgery where possible.

For more information and advice on stopping smoking, please visit or
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