Your Pregnancy - Screening Tests

During your pregnancy you'll be offered a range of screening tests.
These tests are designed to:
  • Help make your pregnancy safer
  • Check and assess the development and wellbeing of you and your baby
  • Screen for particular conditions

They can be carried out in a number of ways including urine tests, blood pressure tests, blood tests and ultrasound scans. If you choose to have them, tests are carried out as part of your appointment schedule.
You don't have to have any of the tests, however it's important to understand the purpose of all tests so that you can make an informed decision about whether to have them. You can discuss the tests with your midwife and ask questions about them at any time.
We'll give you written information about the screening tests offered. This is also available to download in leaflet format from the UK National Screening Committee website. You can also visit the NHS Choices website for further information about antenatal checks and tests.
The UK National Screening Committee is currently working on translating screening information into a range of other languages and this will be available on their website as soon as possible. Our interpreter service is available to translate information for women who require this.
NHS Choices has made a short video about screening tests for you and your baby (below).
The video shows which tests are available during pregnancy and after your baby has been born. Find out which tests are right for you and your baby. For more information visit
Call our new-born screening coordinator on  020 7288 5108 (Monday Friday)
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