C and I Journal Club

Are you a clinical member of Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, e.g. nurse, healthcare assistant, OT, activity co-ordinator? Are your evaluation skills a bit rusty? Do you want to keep up to date with research in your profession but find it hard to find the time? Then the C&I Bi-Monthly Journal Club is for you!
Sign-up and you’ll be sent a recent article and a checklist to help you evaluate it critically. Read the article and bring it to the club meeting to discuss with your colleagues.  Finally as an extra-special Christmas present, we are going to have 2 meetings in December:
  • Monday 18th December, 2-3pm at St Pancras Hospital, West Wing, Conference Room 6
  • Wednesday 20th December,  11-12pm at Highgate Mental Health Centre, Meeting Room 2

St Pancras Hospital, all dates in conference room 3 floor 1 west wing, except on the 19th March when it’s conference room 1 floor 1 west wing:

Thursday 18/01/18, 1-2
Friday 23/02/18, 2-3
Monday 19/03/18, 12-1
Tuesday 24/4/18, 12.30-1.30
Wednesday 23/5/18, 1.30-2.30
Thursday 28/6/18, 2.30-3.30
Friday 27/7/18, 1-2
Tuesday 25/9/18, 12-1
Wednesday 24/10/18, 12.30-1.30
Thursday 29/11/18, 1.30-2.30
Monday 17/12/18, 2.30-3.30

Highgate Mental Health Centre, all dates in meeting room 2:

Tuesday 16/1/18, 12-1
Wednesday 21/3/18, 12.30 – 1.30
Thursday 24/5/18, 1.30-2.30
Monday 23/7/18, 2-3
Friday 28/9/18, 12-1
Tuesday 27/11/18, 2.30-3.30

Some papers we recently read at the club:
“Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments for major depressive disorder: review of systematic reviews” and “Understanding the role of sleep in suicide risk: qualitative interview study”
Contact Whittington Health Library at whl@nhs.net or 020 7288 3580 to join the club or find out more.
Working on it!