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After you arrive home your care will be handed to the community midwife. If you live in Haringey or Islington this will be one of our midwives. If you live out of our area then it will be a midwife from your local area. You can expect a visit on your first day home, and generally on days 3, 5 and 10 days after birth.
Day following  birth

Healthcare professional


 What happens

First day home



You will receive a phone call from your community midwife the day after your discharge from the hospital. The midwife will carry out a telephone assessment and may come and see you at home if you require.




The community midwife will visit you at home, offer infant feeding support and weigh your baby.




The community midwife will visit you at home to weigh your baby and, if you have chosen to do this, conduct a blood spot test to find out if your baby has any rare but serious health conditions.


Midwife and health visitor

Home or community

This will be your last visit with the maternity service. A health visitor will also contact you to arrange your first appointment.

 Additional appointments may be offered depending on you and your baby's needs.
Last updated10 Oct 2023
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