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Our midwifery teams
Our midwives are divided into core staff and integrated community midwives.
The core staff work in the hospital and are rotated regularly through all the ward areas ensuring they are up to date with their knowledge and skills in each area.
The integrated community midwives work in community and in the hospital.
Community midwives - key contacts
You can contact the community teams on 020 7288 3482, or send an email to the relevant team below (click team name to email).
Haringey teams emails
Greenstone (Team leaders: Claire Giblin and Angela McCrohan)
Alexandra (Team leader: Aileen Keigher)
Islington teams emails
Goodinge (Team leader: Maria Leyden)
Hornsey (Team leader: Abimbola Cole)
All other borough teams
Whittington Health (Team leader: Leanne Donlevy)
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