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We encourage partners and companions to be fully involved in the care of women who are admitted to our antenatal and postnatal wards.
Please read our COVID-19 Maternity FAQs to get the latest advice on visitors, home births, birth partners and any other restrictions or guidance we have in place at this time.
We have introduced an award-winning programme, which was the first of its kind in inner London, enabling you to stay overnight to support women with the care of their baby.
If you are a partner of a pregnant women you can play a vital role in supporting your loved one during pregnancy. This can involve practical and emotional support. It is also very important that you look after yourself during this exciting time.
This link to NHS Choices provides useful tips on how to look after your partner and yourself during your partners pregnancy. It offers useful information about the different stages of pregnancy and how your partner may be feeling, with helpful tips on how you can offer support.
Last updated29 Aug 2023
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