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We provide care for preterm (babies born early) and term babies as part of the North Central and East London neonatal network. We have recently been awarded the Bliss Silver Award as part of the Bliss Baby Charter and are working towards the Gold award.
Our local neonatal unit (LNU) cares for sick and premature babies born from 27 weeks onwards. Our NICU has 23 cots including six intensive care cots, six high dependency cots and 11 special care cots.  We have three rooming-in rooms. These help to prepare and support parents to confidently and independently care for their babies prior to discharge home.
We oversee transitional care of babies who stay with their mothers on the postnatal ward and have additional medical needs on top of standard newborn care.
We have close links with the maternity team and provide joint counselling with our obstetric  colleagues and in particular with the fetal medicine team.
We also support babies as outpatients once they are home to ensure all is going well and to support the whole family caring for baby.

Neonatal team

We are a team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who work together to ensure every baby receives the best possible care, tailored to their needs.
The team includes:
  • Neonatal consultants and junior medical staff (doctors)
  • Physiotherapists, Speech and Language therapists, Occupational therapists, Dieticians, Clinical Psychologists, and Pharmacists.
  • Specialist nurses, including a practice educator who provides training for new and existing staff, ensuring we follow best practice.
  • Neonatal Community Outreach Team – specialist nurses who provide support for babies once they are discharged home.
  • We have strong links with community midwifery and paediatric services in Islington and Haringey and other boroughs for babies and families who require on-going support after discharge.


 Babies born at Whittington Hospital from 27 weeks of pregnancy in need of neonatal care are admitted to our unit. If your baby requires highly specialised neonatal care not provided at our hospital, we will arrange transfer to an appropriate hospital.  We accept babies from other neonatal units who need on-going care.


 Lead nurse: Ade Oremule on 020 7288 5530

Visiting times 

  • Parents are welcome to visit at all times.
  • Grandparents and siblings can visit between 11am - 2pm and between 4 – 6pm.
  • Other children under the age of 16 are not allowed to visit.
  • We aim to observe quiet time between 2 - 4pm.


Further Information

We are committed to providing Family Integrated Care and Developmental Care to improve longer term outcomes, in addition to our high standard of clinical care.
As part of the North Central and East London Neonatal Operational Delivery Network we participate in joint projects, including clinical governance, research, National Neonatal Audit Programme, and education and training. The Resuscitation Council UK course for neonatal life support (NLS) is delivered four times/year, in addition to regular multidisciplinary simulation training.
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