Speak Up Inclusion Champions

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Whittington Health is committed to embedding the values - Innovation, Compassion (being kind), Accountability, Respect and Excellence (ICARE) which reflect the Trustís mission to help local people, including staff, live happier longer lives. To ensure Whittington Health is a safe and effective workplace, with a dedicated workforce employed to deliver excellent services to our local populations, more needs to be done.
The introduction of Speak Up Inclusion Champions will support other schemes such as the Anti-Bullying and Harassment Scheme to continue to promote and embed the health and wellbeing of all staff.
Speak Up Inclusion Champions will play an integral role wherever they are based (in the hospital or in the community) and will work to make a difference for those seeking advice, guidance and support. They will receive development through a bespoke programme to enable them to undertake the role on behalf of the Trust, and will be supported by their local management team. On-going support and development will be through an Action Learning Set (ALS)/Learning Hub format.
The role will be voluntary and time away from normal duties will mirror the principles currently agreed for local union representatives and Anti-Bullying and Harassment Advisors.
The role will not represent individuals; Champions will act as a valuable resource for discussing with individuals or groups the most appropriate route to either resolve the concern informally, raise the concern under the formal procedure, and/or to signpost individuals to what may be more relevant policies or frameworks.
Page last updated: 13 Feb 2018
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