Giving in memory of a loved one

In memory donations are a very special way to remember, celebrate and share the life of a loved one either at their funeral or around a commemorative date such as birthdays or anniversaries.

In memory donations

Family, friends and colleagues often wish to make a donation to charity instead of sending flowers to the funeral. In memory donations can be collected before, during or after the service through notifications on social and in traditional media, in the order of service and online using We can assist with suggested text and also provide personalised service collection envelopes that can be placed on seats at the service.
When Fred Calcott (pictured) passed away, his family asked for donations for the Whittington Hospital Chemotherapy Unit instead of flowers. More than £2,100.00 was raised and Fred’s widow, Margaret, accompanied by her Son, made a poignant visit to the hospital to present the donations and thank the team for Fred’s care.

Commemorative donations
An online tribute page will give you the opportunity to commemorate, celebrate or simply remember someone special by sharing memories, photographs and videos with family and friends wherever they are in the world.
To create your online tribute page please follow these simple steps:

        1.     Visit
        2.     Select the ‘Fundraise for us’ orange button at the top right of the screen
        3.     Log in
        4.     Then select ‘remembering someone/in memory’ and create your page
        5.     Share your page by email and on social media

Using JustGiving is safe and easy to use, Gift Aid can be claimed automatically meaning you’ll raise even more and remember to post the link to all your social media to commemorate your loved one.
Whichever way you give in memory of your loved one, you can be assured that you will help make a real difference to our hospital and healthcare community services once they have gone.
If you would like any support, please contact our charity team at or 0207 288 3402.
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