COVID-19 - Maternity Changes

Alongside other NHS organisations across North Central London we are implementing some temporary changes to our maternity, childrenís inpatient and childrenís urgent and emergency services. These changes are designed to ensure that during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we can continue to provide the safest, most effective and compassionate care to everyone who needs it.

We are asking that expectant mothers to enter our hospital via the Labour Ward reception entrance rather than walking through our hospital. Our hospital remains safe for those who do not have COVID-19 who need to attend; this advice is designed to reduce the number of people walking through the hospital and make it easier for people to remain 2 metres apart.

You can access the Labour Ward entrance by entering our hospital site near the Emergency Department on Highgate Hill (rather than our main entrance on Magdala Avenue).
On entering the site, continue outside past our Emergency Department and the Jenner Exit. The Labour Ward reception is the next entrance on the left. If you find it difficult to walk, you can drive onto the site and ask our colleagues in security to open the vehicle barrier, allowing you to be dropped off right by the entrance.  You can see this more clearly on this map of our site.

Please read our COVID-19 Maternity FAQs to get the latest advice on visitors, home births, birth partners and any other restrictions or guidance we have in place at this time.

Page last updated: 20 Jun 2022
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