Covid-19 Advice

Visiting Policy - When you are in labour

Our birth companion policy has not changed. We still welcome one consistent birth companion throughout the labour and birth period (including on the antenatal and postnatal ward), providing they do not have symptoms of COVID-19 and are able to wear a face covering.

We can also welcome a second birth companion during labour and birth on the labour ward/birth centre. The same face covering and COVID-19 conditions for this birth partner apply.

Visiting Policy - After you have given birth (post-natal)

On the post-natal ward, siblings can now visit mother and new baby from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

During the night, partners can now swap with another support person, and this new support person can remain with the mother. This means at night, there should just be one adult person at a time with the mother.

COVID-19 testing

We encourage all pregnant people and their chosen companions to consider taking rapid lateral flow tests; however, it is not compulsory to do this. If you choose not to perform the test, you and your companion can still attend your appointment as normal.

You can still obtain free lateral flow tests for this purpose for delivery to your home.  A pack contains 7 tests.

Simply visit the government website and follow the instructions. You are entitled to obtain free tests because, ‘you've spoken to a healthcare professional recently and they asked you to get a test’.

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding and considering whether to have the COVID-19 vaccination?

 The Covid-19  vaccine is being offered to pregnant women at the same time as the rest of the general population. There is currently no evidence to suggest there is harm to you or your baby from the COVID-19 vaccination.
You can find out more about having the vaccine whilst pregnant from the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists and watch their short videos explaining more about the safety of the vaccine during pregnancy. We have also produced a short downloadable guide on this topic.
Protecting yourself from COVID during pregnancy is important as the infection can be harmful to you and your baby so please do read the resources and ask your midwife if you have any questions.

Vaccination clinic at Whittington Hospital

We have an appointment only vaccination clinic at our hospital site offering flu, whooping cough and COVID-19 booster vaccinations. To book an appointment, please contact your midwife.

Keeping safe and looking after you and your baby

What should I do if my baby's movements are slowing down?

If you notice any changes please contact the Maternity Assessment Unit immediately on 020 7288 5880.

What happens to my care if I have tested positive for COVID-19 or I have symptoms?

We will continue to care for you as normal and have processes in place to keep you safe.  Please do talk to your midwife or GP if you have concerns.

Who should I contact if I am feeling worried or depressed during my pregnancy or after the birth?

Please do talk to your midwife or health visitor.  There is lots of support out there. Please click here to view our free support summary. 

What other resources can I access?

As well as through our Essential Parent app, you can access information and support via these apps and websites:

After your baby is born

Can I register my baby's birth?

Please remember to register your baby’s birth, you will be given the relevant paperwork you need to register your baby when you are sent home from hospital. Your local Registry Office may have individual arrangements in place so it is important to check before you try to go in person.
Information about registering the birth of your baby from the main boroughs we serve can be found below:

Your baby does not need to be registered to receive medical care. You can also claim for child benefit or universal credit if the birth has not been registered as yet.

What happens after my baby's/babies' birth

We will phone you before we visit you for the first time after you have had your baby when you are at home. 
The day after you go home we will then visit you at home and then 5 days after your baby’s birth we will visit you at home again. This visit will include the heel prick test (blood spot check) for your baby.
Then 8 days after your baby’s birth we will check in with you by phone to see how you are and at around days 10-12 you will receive another phone call and a visit can be arranged if required.

Our Midwives will decide when to transfer your care to health visiting services, depending on you and your baby’s health. They may also refer you to other services for further help and support.

Health visiting and breastfeeding support services will contact you by phone and inform you on how to access their support after you have had your baby.

I have more questions and concerns, what can I do?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your midwife, your GP.  During weekends or after hours, please contact the Maternity Assessment Unit on 0207 288 5880.

Last updated29 Aug 2023
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