Wood Green Health and Wellbeing Hub

About the Wood Green Health and Wellbeing Hub

Between February and May 2022, we ran a consultation on a proposal to move some of services into a central Haringey Health and Wellbeing Hub in Wood Green.
Feedback from our patients and service users was mainly supportive of the proposals. People raised several issues that will need to be overcome if a central Health and Wellbeing Hub is to work. We have presented the report to the Haringey Overview and Scrutiny Committee who have agreed that they are happy for us to work on a business case and designs for the new facility.
The Health and Wellbeing Hub would bring NHS, Council and voluntary services together.  We recognise that there are many factors that influence how healthy someone feels, and we believe that working with other organisations in a more joined-up way will improve the experience for Haringey residents who need to access our services. 

How you can get involved

We want to make sure that the building works for Haringey residents as well as for the organisations working in there. Throughout the summer we will be running a series of face-to-face and online workshops. Each workshop will cover different elements of the project including.
Co-design group
We are looking for Haringey residents who are able to commit to attending each workshop. These will take place on alternative Mondays and will be around 4 hours long. People who are part of the co-design group will be involved in detailed discussions about what is possible. Your views will help to shape the way the hub works for local people.
We will post further details about the next event shortly. Email engagement.whitthealth@nhs.net if you would like to join.
Online workshops
At the online workshops we will review feedback from face-to-face sessions and open them out to a wider audience. These faster paced sessions offer residents from across the borough to share their feedback.
We will post further details about the next event shortly.

Why now?

  • Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust (BEH) who own the St Annís Hospital site are redeveloping it. However, even once revamped the location will not be as suitable as a central Wood Green location for our Dentistry and Audiology services.
  • The central Wood Green site will be developed using patient feedback, to make it a modern, friendly and accessible health centre.
  • At the end of March, Whittington Health Trust will need to decide where our services will be located to prevent costly planning and building works being duplicated.
  • Haringey residents have told us that they want to be able to access health and care services in Wood Green.
  • The hub will allow healthcare professionals to work closely together as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
  • The move will save Whittington Health money in the long run as we will pay rent for less locations.

What we are proposing?

Currently we have two adult community health service hubs in the east and west of the borough, at Hornsey Central Neighbourhood Health Centre and Lordship Lane Primary Care Centre. We do not currently have a central Haringey health hub.

We are proposing the creation of a new central Haringey health hub, this would be based in a central Wood Green location and would include primary care, and other NHS services as well as some council services.

As part of the proposals North Central London CCG are consulting on the move of Hornsey Wood Green GP Practice, which would be co-located with community services provided by WH, NMUH and BEH. No other GP services are included in the consultation.

We run services for people who live centrally from:

  • Bounds Green Health Centre
  • Stuart Crescent Health Centre
  • St Annís Hospital.
We are proposing to co-locate services that are currently based at these three sites in Wood Green. We are looking at a central location, potentially within The Mall shopping centre.

  • People will be able to access one-stop-shop services for podiatry, diabetes and leg ulcer clinics.
  • The innovative health hub will provide easier access to services offered by partners including other NHS organisations, the Council and potentially voluntary community organisations.
  • The central health hub will be located close to the new Wood Green Community Diagnostic Centre, which offers blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound and ophthalmology appointments.
  • Some people may have to travel further to have their appointments
  • Patients and service users may not want to be seen in a different location.
  • Parking at The Mall requires payment.

Page last updated: 27 Jul 2022
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