Pennies from Heaven

Do you know how many pennies were on your last payslip
Why not pledge them to the Whittington's Charitable Funds -
benefitting acute patients and community service users

What is Pennies from Heaven?

  • Quite simply, net salaries are rounded down to the nearest pound with the spare pennies donated to charity.
  • The most anyone can give per payslip is £0.99.
  • All donations are eligible for gift aid which means an additional 25% is added by the government and given to Whittington Health's charity.
  • It is a simple, tax efficient and regular way for employees to participate in charitable giving.

Before 'Pennies from Heaven'
Gross Pay Total deductions Net Pay
£2,228.50 £779.97 £1,448.53

After 'Pennies from Heaven' 
Gross Pay Total deductions Net Pay
£2,228.50 £780.50
(53p to charity)

What are the benefits?

  • Simple to sign up to. Complete one form only
  • Affordable to give - many people find it difficult to budget the pounds but not the pence. Pennies from Heaven appeals to everyone on all salary levels.
  • Raises significant amount of money for Whittington Health's charitable funds.

How to sign up as a Whittington Health employee

Sign up to Pennies From Heaven on your payroll (permanent staff only) to benefit The Whittington Charitable Funds.

For more information, call the Fundraising Office on 020 7288 3081 or email

Application forms are available by asking at the payroll office or by clicking the link below. All an employee has to do is complete the form and return to the office detailed on the form.
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