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Welcome to the Windfal community
This website has been created by The Whittington Hospital Diabetes Team to support people with type 1 diabetes.
The content is based on a training course we run for our patients called Windfal - Whittington INsulin Dosing For Active Living.
We want this website to provide you with both a library of information and a learning environment: a place where you can improve your skills in managing diabetes.
We are aiming to:
  • Provide you with easy access to diabetes management information;
  • Increase your knowledge of diabetes self management;
  • Help you to maintain or improve your diabetes control.
Because we want you to gain new skills, each page has a learning objective at the top, so you know what we hope you will learn.
There is also a 'Quiz' relating to each section, which we really want you to try as this will help you to remember.
Windfal - The Windfal course is based around
The Windfal course is based around a key fact - your blood glucose level is controlled by the balance between the carbohydrate that you eat and the dose of insulin you inject.
If you know how much carbohydrate you are eating, you can give the right amount of insulin to keep your blood glucose in balance.

That sounds easy, but of course you know it's not. Just learning how to apply this is difficult and then there are many other things that can affect your blood glucose.

So we hope this website will help you to keep developing skills in managing your diabetes.

And we hope you enjoy it!

If you get lost, look at the 'Site map' - you can get access to all the pages there.

And don't forget the 'Quiz'!

If you would like more information on the Windfal course, please contact:

Department of Diabetes
The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust
Magdala Avenue
N19 5NF
Tel: 020 7288 5218
Page last updated: 06 Jun 2022
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