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Objective: Get in touch!

We all work in the:
Department of Diabetes, The Whittington Hospital, Magdala Avenue, London N19 5NF, UK
You might have different reasons for contacting us. For non-urgent and non-medical issues, we would like you to use e-mail. If you click on a given e-mail address, this will create a blank message for you to complete. We would love to hear what you think of this website.

For a diabetes related health problem, contact:

Cathy Jenkins, Diabetes Specialist Nurse
Tel: 020 7288 3344
For advice on diet related issues, contact:

Janice Mavroskoufis, Diabetes Dietitian
Tel: 020 7288 5552

For confirmation of dates/times of Windfal events, contact:

Marcia Nickle, Secretary/PA
Tel: 020 7288 3344

For a diabetes clinic appointment, contact:

Miranda Reynolds, Diabetes Secretary
Tel: 020 7288 5218
For feedback on this website or content errors, contact:

Dr Maria Barnard, Diabetes Consultant
Tel: 020 7288 5218

For notifying us that the website is not working, contact:

The Windfal Website Administrator (currently Dr Maria.Barnard, Diabetes Consultant)

This website has been created to help you in living with diabetes, by improving your knowledge and skills and providing the support of the Windfal community. We really want to know if it is working.

Please take time to think about your experience of using this website and feedback your thoughts to us (
Perhaps just think about 3 key questions:
  • What is missing?
  • What is confusing?
  • What don't you like?
  • How can we make it better?


Working on it!