Meet the team

Patience Experience Manager

The Patient Experience Manager is responsible for supporting the Patient Experience and Voluntary Services team to ensure that patients, their relatives, carers, and members of the public are given every opportunity to engage with our services and provide feedback about their experience and to create opportunities for improvement.


Volunteer & Patient Experience Officer

The Volunteer & Patient Experience Officer works closely with the Trustís different services to allocate roles to the volunteers. In collaboration with the Volunteer Coordinator, the Volunteer & Patient Experience Officer develops and launches new opportunities and social events. They also manage the volunteers on site, ensuring they have the best possible experience.

Volunteer & Patient Experience Coordinator

The Volunteer & Patient Experience Coordinator works closely with the other members of the team to develop and launch additional volunteer roles and support for the Trustís services, towards the overall success of the service. The Volunteer Coordinator plays a lead role in processing volunteer applications, from the initial stages of logging received applications, to supporting with induction, allocating roles, and providing ongoing support for registered volunteers.


Last updated27 Oct 2023
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