The Colposcopy Visit

Cervical Screening

If you enter the Whittington Hospital via the main entrance, the Colposcopy Clinic is situated in outpatients block on the Fourth floor Ė Clinic 4c. Once you enter the main clinic doors follow the signs round to the Colposcopy Reception.

Here you will need to check that your personal details are correct and notify us of any changes. You will then need to wait in the Waiting Room until you are called for the examination.

In the examination room you will be introduced to the team seeing you on that day. We are a teaching hospital so there may be a trainee present at your examination. You will then be asked personal questions including any abnormal smears in the past, about your periods, contraception, past pregnancies and medication. The Colposcopist will then explain the examination to you.

You will need to remove your lower clothes and lie on the couch. A speculum will then be inserted, the same as when you have a smear test. A smear, Human pappiloma virus test (HPV) or swabs for infections may then be carried out and cold liquid (a dilute vinegar solution) will then be washed over your cervix. This acts as a dye to detect any abnormal cells. What the colposcopist sees will be on a TV monitor for you to view if you wish. Images of your cervix are taken for your electronic records. Another fluid called Iodine may also be used, this will stain your cervix a brown colour. After the examination this may stain your underwear a yellow colour so a panty liner should be used.

Sometimes the changes that your smear has picked up may not be on the cervix and the abnormal cells could be in the vagina. The vagina will also be examined during the colposcopy examination.
Further Information Regarding Your Colposcopy
Please click on the following link to view leaflets on having a colposcopy in your chosen language

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