Taking a Biopsy

A small amount of local anaesthetic may be given and then the biopsy will be taken. This is a tiny pinch of skin, usually smaller than a grain of rice. Some women may experience some slight cramping period type pains. A solution will then be applied to the area where the biopsies were taken to stop any bleeding. The speculum will then be removed, you will be able to get dressed and then ask any final questions you may have.

If any biopsies are taken you will need to wear a panty liner for 3-4 days. You may have some slight bleeding and a discharge. The discharge is from the solutions we have applied to the cervix – Yellow from the Iodine, Grey/ Gritty bits from the solution used to stop any bleeding. This is quite normal. To reduce the risk of infection or bleeding please avoid tampons, sexual intercourse, swimming and have showers rather than baths for those 3-4 days.
Last updated04 Oct 2017
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