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What we offer
The Michael Palin Centre is able to offer private assessment and therapy services either face-to-face or via telehealth to children, young people and their parents and to adults in the UK or from overseas.
We always undertake an assessment before starting a therapy programme in order to ensure that the therapy is tailored to the individualís needs. Once the assessment is complete, we will discuss with you the recommended next steps and you will be able to decide if you wish to proceed with the recommended therapy.
Please note that once in the Private stream, it is not possible to access NHS services at the Centre unless a new referral is made.
We are able to provide professional interpreting services (for an additional fee) to those who are unable to participate in the assessment using English.

You can contact the Michael Palin Centre directly via the helpline 0203 316 8100, by email ( or by completing the online referral form.
As soon as we receive the referral we will contact you with information about the assessment. The next available appointment will be offered to you.
Payment for services is made in advance.
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Last updated19 Jun 2019
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