Speech and Language Therapy in Special Schools

CYP - Therapies - IANDS - SS - Speech and Language Therapy in Special Schools - Introduction
Speech & Language Therapy in Special Schools
Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) work with children to enable them to communicate to the best of their ability. An SLT works on developing a childís understanding and use of language.
Children who attend Special Schools often use a variety of methods to enable them to develop maximum understanding and communicate with those around them. This includes using objects, photographs, symbols and speech. Some children use specialised equipment such as a communication books or voice output communication aids.
Speech and Language Therapists also work with children who have eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties to help them to be safe whilst eating & drinking.
The Speech and Language Therapists based at the Special Schools are part of Islington Specialist Children's Service.
What do we do?
The Speech & Language Therapy department works as part of an integrated team with the school to address the communication and feeding needs of children & young people.
This involves training, joint assessment, target setting, joint planning, assessment for & provision of equipment and set up & review of communication/ feeding programmes at school & at home.
It may also include direct work within a group or individual setting or in the classroom to develop & generalise specific skills. Speech & Language Therapists support children & young people at home, in school and in respite care facilities.
Last updated15 Apr 2020
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