CAMHS is the child and adolescent mental health service. We provide Multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment of children and young people with mental health or severe emotional and behavioural difficulties.
We work in many different ways with young people, depending on their needs.
  • We support teachers, youth workers and people working with young people by offering them support and training on how to spot mental health difficulties.
  • We employ specialist mental health workers to work with children and young people with mild or moderate mental health difficulties. These professionals can also support you.
  • Our psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, social workers and community nurses provide more specialist services. These professionals work with children and young people with complex mental health difficulties, as well as supporting you.
  • We also work with and support children and young people who may need very specialist treatment, which could involve hospital care.
Rethink offer training courses in Mental Health Awareness for your workplace. Please apply using this training enquiry form.
Last updated25 Jun 2019
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