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Baby tagging

What is baby tagging?
Baby tagging involves placing a small tag on your baby's ankle. This stops newborns being removed from wards without prior medical and parental approval. The practice has been in-place at other hospitals across England for several years.
What will happen?
Your baby will have a small tag placed on their ankle shortly after they are born. It will remain there until you are given the all clear to take them home. It will not hurt your baby. If your baby is moved without permission an alarm will sound and the doors will lock so no-one will be able to leave until they are returned to you. All babies born at the Trust will have a tag unless there is a medical or specific reason not to. Whittington Health is a secure place to give birth, and baby tagging gives greater peace of mind that your newborn is safe at all times.
Why are we doing this?
Safety is our number one priority. Baby tagging is another step we are taking to modernise our service and ensure that it is a safe as possible. We have studied other Trusts across the country that already use this system so are certain that this will
only improve our maternity service and your experience with us.
What do I need to do?
Nothing! We know that having a baby is a busy time and we want to make this experience as easy as possible. You are encouraged to ask staff any questions that you have about the system/process.
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Last updated10 Nov 2023
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