Support from the team

EYT - EYDT - Support from the team - Introduction
Our multidisciplinary team will assess your child needs in settings such as your home, your childís nursery or in the clinic at Northern Health Centre.
Assessment involves exploring:
  1. Neurological / Physical Difficulties
  2. Developmental needs
  3. Seating / positioning
  4. Movement skills
  5. Hand function
  6. Play
  7. Sensory Processing
  8. Communication and Interaction
  9. Feeding (dysphagia)

Treatment options can vary greatly depending on your child's individual needs but often include a specific home therapy programme and advice. It is important to follow this advice to see changes in your child's development and management of their needs.
Treatment may include the following:
  1. Individual hands-on therapy sessions
  2. Joint Multi-Disciplinary Therapy
  3. Blocks of therapy treatment with a therapist or therapy assistant
  4. Group exercise sessions in Clinic or via VideoCall
  5. Equipment provision
  6. Education of parents / carers and nursery / school staff around your child's needs and recommendations on intervention

During the assessment and treatment process we will liaise with relevant Doctors / Nursing, Health, Care and Educational professionals involved in your child's care.
The EYDT can signpost to additional services within Islington for Early Years:
  1. Early Support Keyworkers regarding nursery, childcare, play and funding
  2. Family Support and Stay and Play sessions at local Children's Centres across Islington
  3. Bright Start Services for Children 0-5 years
  4. Help with Benefits (via Find Your Islington support information)
  5. Disabled Children's Team (Social Care)
  6. Education (Childrenís Centres, Nurseries and Primary Schools)

Onward referral can also be made to the Social Communication Team and Early Years Speech and Language Therapy Team and we help support the transition into school services.
Last updated23 Aug 2022
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