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We care for mothers and babies born at the Whittington. Our team work together to ensure mothers and babies are healthy and have the best possible start in life.


What to expect

 When you arrive on the ward we will give you information about the health professionals who will be looking after you and what to expect during your stay on Cellier Ward.
The Cellier team includes midwives, a neonatal nurse, student midwives, nursery nurses, maternity support workers, breastfeeding specialists, administrative staff and housekeeping staff. 
Our midwives will care for you and your baby and support with feeding. Nursery nurses support midwives in caring babies and can also provide feeding support.
Obstetric and neonatal doctors visit you and your baby on ward rounds every day to plan care and can be called at any time if either of you require medical attention. 
A trained midwife or neonatal doctor will perform the Newborn Infant Physical Examination (NIPE). A NIPE is a top to toe assessment of the baby’s health and wellbeing within 72 hours of birth. It includes examination of the heart, hips, eyes and testes (for boys).
The hearing screening team will offer hearing tests for your baby on the ward. 

Discharge – going home

We will discuss how long we expect you to stay when you arrive on the ward. When you are ready to go home, we will provide information about how to care for yourself and your baby when you get home. You will also be given a digital or printed copy of our postnatal care booklet.

When you go home we will transfer your care to the community midwives who will usually visit you at home or see you in a children’s centre.

Partners and companions

We encourage partners and companions to be fully involved in supporting you after baby is born and introduced an award-winning programme enabling them to stay overnight on Cellier ward. We provide reclining chairs for rest, and we encourage partners and companions them to bring comfortable clothes and food.

Partners staying overnight will be asked to sign a register and are advised not to leave the ward between 10pm and 6am (except families whose babies are admitted in NICU). Your partner can swap with another chosen person at 8pm and in the morning.

Visiting hours

Partners and companions can stay with mothers throughout their time on the postnatal ward, including overnight.

Visiting times are 3pm – 7pm every day for other visitors (such as grandparents or siblings of the baby).

Up to two visitors, excluding partners, are allowed during visiting times.

Please note that for children under 16, only children of women staying on the ward can visit.

Please do not open doors for other visitors or take babies out of the ward unless they have been discharged. This is for the safety of all those on the ward.
Cellier ward team
  • Chika Okonkwo, Inpatient matron
  • Nieka Smith-Walters, Ward manager
  • Location - Cellier Ward, Level 4, Kenwood Wing, The Whittington Hospital, Magdala Avenue, London N19 5NF
  • Postnatal ward: 0207 288 5506/4506
  • Reception: 0207 288 5702
  • Inpatient matron: 0207 288 5924
  • Ward managers: 020 7288 3111.
Last updated18 Oct 2023
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