Further Reading

More Information on Best Practice

Nice guidance on delivering individual behaviour change interventions.
An overview of the COM-B model of behaviour change and its application.
The King's Fund paper on the importance of share decision-making and what it looks like.
The King's Fund paper providing an overview of patient activation and how to support people to manage their own health.

Toolkits for Person-Centred Care

An interactive timeline by the Health Foundation showing the key events over the last 50 years in the move towards more person-centred care in the NHS.
The Health Foundation offers a wealth of resources for self-management support and shared-decision making.
Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is an opportunistic brief intervention to promote self-care.
Albert Bandura: A definition of Self-efficacy
Resources that support people to make healthy behaviour changes.  They include topics such as weight management, physical activity, smoking, alcohol, mental wellbeing and self-screening an can connect people to the local health promotion activities and resources in the local area.

More Information on Policy Context

The North Central London Sustainability and Transformation Plans of June 2017 highlight the importance of the promotion of physical and mental health wellbeing through holistic person-centred care.
NHS England's Five Year Forward view emphasises the importance of doing more to support people to manage their own health and make informed choices about their health.
Whittington Health's Clinical Strategy demonstrates Whittington Health's framework and ambition to continue its high achieving patient focused and clinically-led care.
NHS Contracts now ensure that NHS providers use every contact they have with the service users and the public as an opportunity to support or improve health and wellbeing and empower them to access health and wellbeing resources available to them.
The Care Act of 2014: Local authorities have a responsibility to promote health and wellbeing and ensure that people have access to the information and advice that they need to make the decisions about their care and support.
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