Our aims

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Listen-EAR input with schools has the following ‘all encompassing’ aims:
  1. To increase opportunities for developing speaking and listening skills explicitly in school e.g. working with staff to provide more specific speaking, listening and vocabulary learning aims and activities in cross-curricular lessons, developing and sharing resources/activities, raising the profile of the importance of speaking and listening skills, promoting speaking and listening through events such as listening/speak weeks/no pens days.

  2. To ensure the speaking and listening opportunities are accessible and supportive for young people with SLCN through raising awareness of the indicators, prevalence and impacts of SLCN and increasing knowledge, skills, and confidence of school staff in using strategies that can support communication for this population e.g. visual support, simplifying and/or explaining vocabulary, explicit reference to how to use the required communication skills and modelling etc.

  3. To ensure the provision of accessible opportunities are embedded and sustained in schools through analysing and sharing staff, pupil and parent feedback, highly evaluated training, coaching, team teaching and resource sharing, and through encouraging the school senior leadership team to include a focus on speaking and listening in policy and school improvement plans, and commit to providing ongoing differentiated CPD for school staff, using the skills of staff who were closely involved in the Listen-EAR work.
Last updated25 Feb 2019
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