Video Consultations for Patients

Video Consultations for Patients - Introduction
You can now choose to have some outpatient appointments in some of our services via video instead of having to visit our sites, if you wish to do so.  If you are offered and would like to take up the option of a video consultation this means you can connect with your health professional by a video call like those you may already do, using systems such as Skype, FaceTime or other platforms. The system we use is called "Attend Anywhere" and it has been specially developed for use in healthcare.
At the moment this service is being trialled on a small scale, so not every appointment or every service will yet be offering the option to choose a video appointment. If you are offered an appointment via video you can still choose a face-to-face appointment instead, if that is what you would prefer. 
We expect that this additional option will be valuable for many of our patients enabling them to access healthcare in a way that is more convenient, since they wont require patients to take time out of work or caring responsibilities in order to travel to our hospital or other sites - your clinician will come 'virtually' to you!
As this is a trial we apologise in advance if not everything works exactly as we hope. You will have the opportunity to feedback on your appointment after it has taken place and we will use this feedback and other data to refine the service before it is expanded to other clinical areas.
 You can find out more about virtual appointments, the Attend Anywhere system and find a list of frequently asked questions via the menu on the top left of this page.

Support for Patients in Haringey

Healthwatch Haringey is working with North Central London CCG (NCL CCG) to help Haringey patients to ‘get online’, and to access NHS video appointments.
If you live in Haringey and would like to attend NHS video appointments but are not familiar with online technology, need help with the device you already have (phone, tablet, laptop or PC) or would like access to a smart mobile phone, then we can help.
Talk to your doctor or healthcare professional, and ask them to make a referral for you using this online form and one of our team will contact you.
Whilst this service is only accessible to patients who live in Haringey at the moment, if you live in other boroughs you can contact your local library who should be able to point you in the direction of support to get online. You an also find more advice and support to use the easy Attend Anywhere service on these pages of our website.
Last updated16 Mar 2021
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