With You

With You a new digital messaging services — keeping you connected

We have partnered with Trigger, a Community Interest Company, to trial a new messaging service that will allow our patients to stay connected with their loved ones.
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have prioritised keeping our patients in touch with their loved ones. When it has not been possible to do so face-to-face our teams have come up with innovative ways of keeping people connected. We know that hearing the voice of a loved one can bring some relief and joy to patients during their hospital stays.
How do I send a message?
If your relative is currently staying in our hospital then you can register at http://www.withyou.org.uk/, this automatically generates a telephone number and a unique pin to share with other friends and family, who can call and leave a message. These messages are then digitally collated and edited together into a voice album. The team caring for your loved one will then share the recording.
What will the Trust do?
We will receive the compiled messages from Trigger. At that stage our Patient Experience team will screen the messages and then deliver them to the ward where your loved one is staying. If required we will provide a device and earphones for the patient to listen to the messages.
Last updated22 Dec 2020
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