General Surgical Information

You have been listed for an operation under regional anaesthesia by your consultant.
The majority of patients undergoing hand surgery will be suitable for this and the benefits are that you will have a quicker recovery with fewer after-effects compared to a general anaesthetic. This means that you will be awake but the operating area will be numb and you will feel no pain.
An anaesthetic doctor will telephone you to explain the procedure in more detail and answer any questions you may have.
Any questions about the operation itself should be directed towards your surgeon.
On the day of clinic you will have an MRSA swab taken.  MRSA is a bacteria that is carried normally on our skin.  If you have a positive MRSA result, you may be prescribed special antibacterial body wash and shampoo, to be used prior to your surgery date.
A few days prior to surgery, you will be given instructions to come in for a COVID-19 swab; this must be negative to proceed. If you test positive, then your operation date will be re-scheduled and you may be advised to self-isolate based on the NHS guidelines at the time. This is for your protection as well as that of other patients and staff.
On the day of surgery, your surgeon will see you to confirm the operation, take your consent and answer any further questions you have. The list order is not usually finalised until the morning of surgery, but we will endeavour to let you know what your expected time slot is.
After your operation, you will have either a bulky bandage dressing or a plaster applied to protect the operated hand. Specific exercise and care instructions will be given at the end of your surgery, as well as advice regarding lifting and return to work. You will be able to go home as soon as you feel comfortable, and all the discharge paperwork and medications are ready.
You’ll be seen back in clinic at the 2 week mark - for some straightforward operations you may be discharged at this point, but for complex procedures you can expect further follow-up arrangements to be made.
Last updated16 Sep 2020
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