Community Post Covid Service

The Community Post Covid Service is a multidisciplinary service that supports people with Long Covid in Haringey and Islington. We use a personalised care approach to help people to learn more about their symptoms and develop skills and strategies to support their recovery and reduce the impact of living with ongoing symptoms that affect day to day function.

What is Long Covid?

Although most people will make a complete recovery following Covid-19 infection, it is estimated that one in 10 have ongoing symptoms lasting 12 weeks or longer. Being diagnosed with Long Covid does not seem to be linked with how unwell you were or whether you had to go to hospital. There is a lot of research being done to better understand what causes Long Covid and how to help people living with it. Symptoms can vary a lot and can also fluctuate and change over time.
Common symptoms include;
• Fatigue or a feeling of extreme tiredness
• Breathlessness
• Changes in taste and smell
• Widespread pain
• Difficulty with concentration and memory (brain fog)
• Changes in sleep/difficulty sleeping
There are many other symptoms that have been identified that have not been listed above and it is important to contact your GP to properly explore these to ensure that you get the correct diagnosis.

Your GP will discuss identified symptoms with you in more detail and check your blood pressure, pulse and oxygen levels. You will also be asked to have a blood test and other investigations before being referred to the Community Post Covid Service.

What to expect from our service
• Introductory webinar – meet the team, learn some basic self-management strategies with signposting to online resources such as Your Covid Recovery.
• Online group programmes and workshops including support for breathlessness and fatigue management and Expert Patient Programme for Long Covid.
• Individualised assessment and treatment with nurses, occupational therapy, speech and language therapist and physiotherapist.
• Supported use of Living With Covid App.
• Onward referral to English National Opera – Breathe Programme.
• Support with phased return to work including referral to NCL Vocational Rehabilitation Service.
Treatment may include a combination of the above and first contact from our team will be by phone following referral from your GP ensuring all investigations and medical management has been completed.

Referral to the Community Post Covid Service
We accept referrals from Islington and Haringey GPs via the Post Covid Single Point of Access at UCLH Hospital.
Referral queries for GPs only:

How to contact us

Community Post Covid Service
Crouch End Health Centre | 45 Middle Lane | London | N8 8PH

Office hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm
Telephone: 020 3074 2426

Last updated24 Jul 2023
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