Social Communication

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A child or young person will be placed on the Social Communication Pathway if  they have differences in their social communication/ social interaction skills as their main primary need alongside additional language and/or speech support needs. We support in the identification of Autism, but a child or young person does not need to have a diagnosis of Autism to access support from this pathway.
The Social Communication Pathway supports children and young people who are in their early years right through until they are 16 and also young people in post-16 educational settings with an EHCP.
Children in their early years will be seen in a setting which suits their needs best. This could be in clinic, within a childrenís centre, at home or at nursery. We may see children individually, as part of a group or jointly with another educational professional such as an Early Years SEND Advisory Teacher or BEAM Facilitator.
Once children transition to school they would usually be seen within their educational setting, provided they attend a Barnet Local Authority school. Again, this may be individually, as part of a group or jointly with another educational professional.
Children or young people within the Social Communication Pathway may be seen by a Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist or Integrated Therapy Assistant. Where possible, children and young people may be seen jointly with professionals from within the pathway. For example, a joint Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy assessment session.
Last updated16 Nov 2022
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