Transitional Care (16 - 25)

A young person will be on the Transitions Pathway if they are aged 16-19 (or 25 if they have an EHCP), in Year 11 and above.
The service focusses on functional life skills for young people preparing for adulthood.  There is a Targeted and Universal Offer for Young people on the Transitions Pathway.

Targeted Support

Support is offered to young people, their family and education or care staff working with them.  This may be in the form of targeted support directly with the young person, their parents or carers, and school or college staff.  Contact may take place in clinic, or Barnet school or college.
Universal Offer
The Transitions Pathway Universal Offer provides free Training in relevant practical areas of need as well as Virtual Drop-in Clinics, to discuss with a therapist, a particular concern or question.
Last updated01 Nov 2022
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