Allied Health Professional (AHP) Recruitment

You have chosen a career that has caring at its heart. To do your job safely with satisfaction and pride you need support, encouragement, and training from your colleagues. To help you provide safe, personal, coordinated care for the community we serve our leadership teams guide you through your day-to-day work and your professional milestones. They give you excellent advice, a shoulder to lean on, support during challenges, advice on training and space to study.
We believe in caring for you so that you can deliver effective healthcare to our patients and public. Whittington Health, a small and caring Trust, is known for its friendliness and for the approachability of staff, no matter what their level - in fact the CQC rate us 'Outstanding' for caring.

Allied Health Professionals at Whittington Health

AHPs have a higher profile than ever at Whittington Health, especially in our adult community services where our AHP workforce is the same as for Nursing. Itís an exciting time to work here, where AHP input and contribution is recognised and truly valued. There are so many opportunities for growth when you join Whittington Health.
The working environment is dynamic and fast-moving. We work with multidisciplinary teams to deliver the best patient care and in working together we upskill each other. There is no standing still or resting on our laurels here. We strive to innovate and ensure quality is embedded in all of our services.
The commitment and professionalism of all our Allied Health Professionals creates a buzz and a positive can-do energy.

What is it like around here?

We asked some AHP colleagues who work in our children's services what it is like being part of the team here at Whittington Health: 


 Working as an AHP in integrated care organisation

Whittington Health NHS Trust is an integrated care organisation, which means that we join up patient care across our acute hospital and community based services. You will work as part of an integrated therapy team, which offers a brilliant opportunity to learn from a wide range of professionals. When patients are referred to us, the multi-disciplinary therapy team comes together to assess what is needed. Physiotherapists, pharmacists, mental health workers, community matrons, occupational therapists and technicians look creatively at what will support a client to do what they want to do and prevent them going to hospital, to support them if they do need to go into hospital and to ensure that we can get them home safely as soon as they are ready. 
Our patients and clients will all have different goals and ambitions, they may wish to regain independence, return to work, be part of their community, go to the pub, church, mosque or be able to wash and dress themselves. We each assess what contribution we can make and not only act with speed and sensitivity but also communicate well with our colleagues. Our patients are at the heart of everything we do.
Last updated04 Sep 2023
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