Neonatal Simulation

Neonatal Simulation - Overview
Inadequate resuscitation efforts have increasingly been cited as the cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality Ė quite a sobering thought when we know that about 6 per cent of all newborn babies require some sort of initial life support in the delivery room or NICU.

We are no strangers on the Neonatal Unit to the benefits of simulation training and have run mock emergency resuscitation scenarios in a variety of locations on Labour ward, Emergency Department and more recently on the Birthing Centre for several years.

These simulations have ensured that clinical skills are practised regularly, giving individuals from different disciplines the opportunity to interact and develop team leadership skills in an environment where clinical decision making can be practiced. Importantly we have also identified several systems and equipment problems that can be improved.

All staff who attend newborn deliveries need to be skilled in neonatal resuscitation; keeping these skills sharp is an additional challenge, which is where simulation training becomes invaluable.

We are delighted that the Simulation Centre will be available to us with specialised training equipment. The intensive resuscitation of neonates is usually infrequent and often unanticipated, clinical expertise and working as part of a proficient team are critical skills to be learned and maintained.
Last updated30 Dec 2009
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