Dr Sola Makinde

Dr Sola Makinde

Consultant Anaesthetist

Work Areas

Dr Sola Makinde runs the antenatal clinic for those women concerned about analgesia or anaesthesia for labour or delivery.


Dr Sola Makinde was appointed as a consultant anaesthetist in December 2001, with a special interest in Obstetrics. Born and brought up in North London, she qualified in medicine from the Royal Free Hospital Medical School in 1989. Sola initially trained in general medicine in north west London at the Central Middlesex and St Mary's Hospitals. She, then, decided to change specialities and began an anaesthetic career here at the Whittington Hospital. She also continued an anaesthetic training on the North Thames Anaesthetic Rotation. In May 2002 she took over as lead anaesthetist in obstetrics and works closely with both the obstetricians and midwives. Sola is the Obstetric Anaesthesia Lead at the Whittington.

Special Interests

Obstetric Anaesthesia Lead


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