Mainstream Schools Occupational Therapy Support from the team

IANDS - MST - OT - OT Support - Introduction
Parent/School education workshops:
Education workshops are offered to parents and support staff working with children with sensory needs. They provide an opportunity to meet other parents and a forum to learn from each others experiences. We aim for Parents and schools to leave the work shop equipped with a better understanding of the child’s needs and ideas on how to help the child meet their functional goals.
OT Drop in:
We run monthly drop in sessions to provide parents and carers the opportunity speak to an occupational therapist (OT) about concerns they may have regarding their child’s development, sensory needs, or self help skills. Sessions are generally 20 minutes long and offered on a first come first serve basis with no referral needed. Please contact us for dates. If your child requires further assessment a referral will be needed.
Home safety assessment:
Home safety assessments are offered to children who are at risk of injury in the home environment despite parents putting over the counter child safety equipment in place e.g. child locks on cutlery drawers.
Individual assessment and intervention:
Children with motor planning difficulties, physical disability or developmental delay may be offered an individual assessment and short treatment block based on two or more specific functional difficulties. The therapist will work with school and home to understand the child’s needs and provide advice on how best to support the child in learning new functional skills. Support may include therapy programmes, advice how to help your child develop skills, online resources or adaptive equipment.
Last updated15 Apr 2020