Mainstream Schools Occupational Therapy

IANDS - MST - OT - Introduction
Occupational Therapy  work with children and young people attending mainstream primary and secondary schools, Pupil Referral Units and specialist resources.
Occupational therapy focuses on a childís functional ability to engage in and gain independence in every day tasks such as dressing, buttons, zips,  using cutlery, bathing, grooming and using playground equipment etc.
We work with families and schools to help understand why a child is having difficulty gaining these skills (e.g. sensory over or under reactivity, physical disability, motor co-ordination difficulty or developmental delay) and identify strategies to support the child to meet  functional goals.
Occupational therapy may be provided to you and your child through a range of media depending on their need such as:
  • Parent & school education workshops
  • School and parent consultation
  • Occupational Therapy Drop In Sessions (no referral needed)
  • Individual assessment and treatment sessions
  • Home safety assessment and advice

We work with children where there are two or more functional difficulties  identified.

Children who are only having difficulty with handwriting will be provided with an information pack on strategies to promote handwriting development. This information pack is also available under Occupational Therapy resources.

Last updated15 Apr 2020
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