Classes of information

Information is grouped into broad categories known as "Classes of Information".  This page describes these Classes and states how you can obtain the information relating to each Class.

For the most part, we will endeavour to provide information to you free of charge.  However, in accordance with statutory regulations, requests involving high volumes of photocopying or printing will incur a charge.  The minimum charge will be £10.  Also, in accordance with regulations, requests involving research which takes over 'the appropriate limit' (about two and a half days work) will be refused.  In these cases, we will assist you to refine your request to bring it under the appropriate limit.  

1. The NHS and how we fit

Key national documents describing the priorities and plans for the entire NHS.

 Information  Where Available
 NHS Plan  Department of Health website
 Priorities and Planning Guidance  Department of Health website
 The NHS National Service Framework  Department of Health website
 Improving Working Lives  Department of Health website

Local NHS structure showing how the Whittington Hospital NHS Trust relates to other NHS bodies.  Information about these organisations can be found on the relevant websites.
 NHS Organisation  Where Available
 Department of Health
 NHS London
 Islington PCT
 Haringey PCT
 Barnet PCT
 Enfield PCT

2. Who we are

 Information  Where Available
 Details of the Whittington Hospital NHS Trust and the Trust Board  About Us
 The Organisational structure of the Hospital with details of key personnel and sub-committees of the board  Patient Relations Manager

Corporate Governance Information

 Information  Where Available
 The Compendium of Financial Policies and Procedures (including standing financial instructions; delegated authority; hospitality policy; investment policy; maintenance of authorised signatures; write-off/bad debts policy; losses and special payments; procedures of tenders and quotations procedure for fraud and corruption; procedure for charitable funds; standing orders and procedure for patient property/monies).  Patient Relations Manager
 Codes of Conduct for the Chairman and Chief Executive and the Register of Board Member’s Interests.  Patient Relations Manager

Partnership Information

Information about our partners is shown below. More detailed information about structural or financial aspects of the relationship is available on request from the Press Office.

  Information   Where Available
 The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust works closely with two Primary Care Trusts - Islington Primary Care Trust and Haringey Primary Care Trust.
 The Whittington Hospital is a longstanding partner of University College London (UCL) which has well-established academic departments in surgery, medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology and primary health care. The Centre for Health Informatics and Multiprofessional Education (CHIME) is also based at the Whittington. It also provides undergraduate teaching in association with the Royal Free and University College London Medical School.
 The Postgraduate Centre is particularly renowned for its postgraduate medical courses which attracts students from all over the world. The comprehensive teaching programmes organised include MRCP courses, clinicopathology conferences, colposcopy courses, journal clubs and GP meetings. The Centre has a responsibility for the training of junior doctors, together with the continuing medical education for consultants and local general practitioners
The Whittington is one of the largest centres for the training and accreditation of health professionals of varied disciplines, in addition to its more widely recognised role in undergraduate education. UCL and Middlesex University jointly purchased the Archway Campus of the hospital and are developing it as a multi-disciplinary research and educational facility.

3. Financial and Funding Information

Funding details, charging policies and financial accounts

 Information  Where Available
 Annual Accounts  Patient Relations Manager
 Trust Financial Returns  Patient Relations Manager
 Terms of reference to the Audit Committee and Internal Audit Service  Non-Trust Reports
 The Whittington NHS Trust uses the NHS standard Purchasing Policies, procedures and terms and conditions. These can be viewed on the PASA website.
 OJEC Adverts  Patient Relations Manager

4. Corporate Information

Reports policies and Business Plans

 Information  Where Available
 Annual Report and Review of the Year  Annual Reports
 Aims and Objectives  Coming soon
 Business Plan  Patient Relations Manager
 Agendas and Minutes of Trust Board Meetings  Trust Board Meetings
 Minutes of Trust Board Sub-committee meetings  Patient Relations Manager
 Minutes of Hospital Management Board Meetings.  Patient Relations Manager

5. Aims, Targets and Achievements

This section contains information how we measure ourselves.This information relates to the systems established to manage Clinical Audit, Clinical Governance and benchmarking with similar organisations in the NHS.

 Information  Where Available
 Financial Targets, aims and objectives and key performance indicators are included in the board minutes and reports  Trust Board meetings
 Annual Clinical Governance Report  Annual Reports
 Annual Clinical Governance Development Plan  Annual Reports
 Clinical Governance Board Report (Bi-Monthly)  Trust Board reports
 Research and Development Annual Report – executive summary  Trust reports
 Annual Infection Control Report  Trust reports
 Patient Feedback Report  Trust Board reports
 Annual Nursing and Midwifery Report  Annual Reports
 Dr.Foster report  Dr.Foster

Information about how we ensure Patient safety, our Risk Management function, how we report adverse incidents and how we support clinicians requiring assistance.

 Information  Where Available
 Quarterly Clinical Risk Management Report  Coming soon
 Adverse Incident Reporting Procedure  Coming soon
 Serious Untoward Incident Policy  Coming soon
 Clinical Guidelines  Coming soon
 Nursing and Midwifery Policies  Coming soon
 Infection Control Policies  Coming soon
 Verifying Registration Policies  Coming soon

6. Our Services

The range of services we provide for the NHS and how we deliver these.

 Information  Where Available
 Decisions about services are taken by the Trust Board and can be viewed in Board minutes (See Class 4 "Corporate Information")  Trust Board meetings
 Clinical Service descriptions are available on the Whittington website under the ‘Clinical Services’ section  Clinical Services
 Non-Clinical services including maintenance.  Coming soon

7. Reports and Independent Enquiries

Recent reports of inspections and findings regarding the Trust.

 Information  Where Available
 Current CHI Report  CHI Website for The Whittington
 Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts  Coming soon
 Risk pooling scheme for Trusts  Coming soon
 Trust responses to CHI investigations  Patient Relations Manager
 Trust responses to national enquiries  Patient Relations Manager

8. Policies and Procedures

General policies and procedures in use within the Trust.  These include but are not restricted to human resources, prescribing and prescription, health and safety.

 Information  Where Available
 For a list of the currently available Clinical Policies  Clinical Policies
 Patient and Administrative Policies  Coming Soon

9. Public Involvement and Consultation

This section contains details of consultation procedures, decision-making processes, timescales and responses, consultations in progress and how you can become involved. This is divided into a number of subsections.

Description of the system by which you consult and engage with the public in the debate and discussion about the development of priorities and services at The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust, the mechanism for deciding priorities. How this is fed back to the public.

 Information  Where Available
 We are currently formalising our policies and procedures in this area. Please contact the press office for the latest information.  Patient Relations Manager

Description of the process within The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust for deciding on the current priorities and development areas and what these are. How the public can become engaged in the debate. Contact name address. Description of the forums available.

 Information  Where Available
 We are currently formalising our policies and procedures in this area. To find out about the process, or to become involved, please contact the press office to be put in touch with the relevant groups.  Patient Relations Manager

Formal consultation documentation required re closures/variation of services

 Information  Where Available
 We are currently formalising our policies and procedures in this area. Please contact the press office for the latest information in this area.  Patient Relations Manager

Information about how you involve the community, forums such as PALS, involving users, carers, interpreters, Focus Groups, etc

 Information  Where Available
 Patient Panels  Patient Relations Manager
 Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) including Interpreting and Advocacy services  PALS
 Patient User Involvement Committee  Patient Relations Manager

Compliments, Awards, how they have been dealt with and, with the agreement of the person concerned, any compliments and awards which have been given to individuals or the Trust.

 Information  Where Available
 External awards may be reported in press briefings and on our website. Internal awards are generally only publicised internally.  Patient Relations Manager

10. Regular publications and information for the public

Guidance and information leaflets
 Information  Where Available
 The Trust produces a staff newspaper - The Link - which is available in various places around the hospital. Copies can also be obtained from the press office.  Press Office
 The Trust produces a variety of leaflets and booklets on a range of health and hospital related topics. These are available from the PALS office in the hospital or from the press office.  Patient Relations Manager

11. Complaints

Policies, Procedures and contacts for complaints

 Information  Where Available
 Policy on handling patient complaints  Coming soon
 Patient feedback report (including complaint statistics and service improvements)  Trust Board Reports
 Details of the complaints procedure including contact names and addresses are available in Concerns and Complaints section of our website.  Concerns and Complaints

12. Human Resources

Employment policies and procedures

 Information  Where Available
 Policies relating to working at and employment with the Whittington Hospital NHS Trust including flexible working, disciplinary, grievance, harassment and many more.  Coming soon
 Human Resources Strategy  Coming soon
 The Workforce Description is included in the Annual Report (See Class 4)  
 The Trust’s strategy for continuing professional development is described in the ‘Lifelong Learning and development Strategy’ available on the website.  Coming soon
 Details of Current Vacancies are available in the Job Opportunities section of the web site.  Current Vacancies

13. Communication with the Press and Media Releases

Regular communications with the media.

 Information  Where Available
 Latest news on the hospital is available on the News and Events section of the website  Latest News
 Press cuttings about the Whittington Hospital NHS Trust  Press Office

14. Environmental Information

Estates and Land and environmental impact.

 Information  Where Available
 Details of estate and land holdings and the uses they currently enjoy  Patient Relations Manager
 Information required to be placed in the public domain as a result of the environmental enforcement action and associated information.  Patient Relations Manager

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