Camden Speech and Language Service for Children and Young People

Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) for children in Camden, work with children with a range of difficulties around communication and eating.
We work with speech (e.g. speech sounds), language (words and sentences), communication (e.g. attention, listening and interaction skills), and those who have eating and drinking difficulties.
We also work with children who have sensory needs and use sign (British Sign Language) as well as children with physical needs who may need Assistive Technology.

Contact Details

  • Early Years: 020 3317 2366, based Hunter Street Health Centre
  • Mainstream Primary Schools: 020 3772 0390, based at Netley Campus
  • Special Schools: 020 7483 6065, based at Swiss Cottage School
  • Deaf Team: 020 7391 7054, Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children
  • Mainstream Secondary Schools: 020 3316 1080, based at Finsbury Health Centre

Our Staff

We are a large team consisting of
  • Qualified and HCPC registered Speech and Language Therapists
  • Assistants
  • Administrators

Our Offer

  • Support in identifying speech, language, communication and swallowing needs
  • Assessment of speech, language, communication and swallowing
  • Targeted intervention for those identified with needs
  • Specialist input for those with more complex needs
  • An additional ‘Buy-in’ service to local schools

Our Values

Mastering speech, language and communicate is fundamental to a child’s learning, future happiness, social adjustment, emotional stability and self-esteem. It equips them to achieve and make positive contributions to society.
Working as a team with parents and other professionals ensures maximum effectiveness and best possible outcomes. This often involves us modelling activities and training individuals or staff groups.

Our Ways of Working

Therapy may be delivered in a number of different ways
  • Groups with other children working on the same or similar difficulties
  • Individual sessions
  • Personal programme written and modelled for support staff
  • Training of people working with a child
  • Class strategies and plans of approach to scaffold learning

Our Places of Work

  • Schools (mainstream and special schools – primary and secondary age)
  • Children’s Centres and Nursery’s attached to mainstream schools
  • Health Centres
  • Home Visits (when appropriate)

I am a parent

  • My child is in school or a nursery attached to a school – Speak to school staff or the school SENCo about your concerns. They are able to refer a child to our service.
  • My child is under 5 years old and not attending school yet – contact GP or make a referral yourself using the SPOR form (
  • Submit your Subject Access Request to view your health record

I am a SENCo (School)

  • I am interested in buying in extra Speech and Language provision - please call us on 020 3316 1080
  • Submit your referral here.

I am a Health Professional (GP or HV)

Head of Camden SLT Service for Children and Young People and Camden CCG

Kate Bayley
Designated Clinical Officer

Main Address

We are based in several locations across Camden borough linked to the age of the children/young people we are working with.


Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
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